umbo is a Swiss designer cap, its schieldwear technology blocks electrosmog. umbo is an idea from Christian Bili in Geneva. He worked with Margot Jud, a young designer from Lausanne, and they draw the most efficient cap. The cap is produced under the supervision of Risa Hutwerkstatt company in Hägglingen.

Made with a thin layer of fabric containing silver, umbo reduces more than half of the surrounding electromagnetic fields such as cell phone signals or wifi. It protects the users’ brain in saturated environments (public transport, workplaces) with style.

The Latin word umbo describes the center part of a shield, which is made out of metal and that protects the hand. In this sense umbo cap is a shield that you wear.
We believe that shieldwear is to fashion, what adblock apps, mobilization and solutions against digital dark patterns (nudging, captology) are in the attention economy.


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umbo is designed in Switzerland and made with care in Europa.
85% cotton (Oeko-Tex standard 100), 10% polyester, 5% silver

Price: 100CHF

The shape of the cap derivates from its protecting function, it covers the brain and the cerebellum. Thanks to its singular shape and color, the cap is instantly recognizable.


What is Electrosmog?
Electrosmog describes the saturation of space by high-frequency fields like wifi, mobile, GPS, radar… and electromagnetic fields.

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified electromagnetic fields to increase the risk of brain cancer. That’s why Apple, Samsung, advise us to use our phone with much care: not to have a direct contact with the skin, and to use earphones as precautionary measures.

Electro Hyper Sensibility
An average percentage of 4 to 10% of the world population is Electro Hyper sensitive. For Switzerland this means 300 000 people are suffering from electrosmog. And unfortunately the percentage will rise as 5G comes up.